Pet Foods

Raw Pet Food

Here is our Raw Pet Food Prices! We Carry a variety Vac Pacs in store. We carry 16 rough cut for Mega Mix with Salmon as well as Ground Chicken available all the time! Anything listed in the price list below is available for ordering! All you have to do is give me a call and place your order! 705-295-6803


Kibble Brands we carry:

Profile pet foods are formulated to deliver optimum nutrition for all of your pets life stages. From weaning puppies to their senior years, Profile will provide a diet to ensure a long and healthy life.

100% Canadian made!


Diet Rich pet food formulas have always provided your best friend with a balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and all of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to promote and maintain the health and well being of your pet. Now with our improved formulas, you will notice a m ore selective and defined listing to better provide a healthy diet for your pet. 

100% Canadian made!

Designed to nourish your dog and cat in two ways. First, according to its natural evoltuion to a meat and protein-rich diet. Second, using meats, poultry, eggs and fish that are sustainably ranched, farmed or fished by local suppliers and delivered to our kitchens fresh daily. 

Country Cat 

This is a maintenance cat food designed to be fed to adult or country!

Country Maintenance 

A complete nutrient profile for your pet.

Ol-Mic Dog Food

This brand is an inexpensive option for the active dog!

Unlabelled Cans for dog and cat

These cans are priced nicely for any type of budget.


Newest Addition! - Browning Pet Line! - All items suitable for all sizes.



Toys, Accessories & Treats

We take pride in our products! Smoked and dehydrated made on site! We also  carry a wide selection of pet acccessories including collars, leashes, toys, treats, pet beds, kennels and litters!




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