Firewood/Wood Pellets


Orford Premium Hardwood Pellets, sold individually or 75 bags per skid 


Lacwood - Softwood, sold individually or 65 bags per skid 


Lacwood- Horse Bedding- sold individually or 65 bags per skid



We carry TRUNKLOADS, FACECORDS, BUSHCORDS and BAGS of firewood. 12 inch and 16 inch in length. We deliver too! Contact us for pricing!




Fire Rings & Fire Pits

Come see our new fire rings & Pits! Great for enjoying a campfire on a warm summer night.

We carry a large selection of fire accessories, including mystical fire which is super fun for the kids. We also carry Fire starters, matches, lighters, 


* Choose the type that best suits your stoves requirements.
*Our Northern Wood section has been producing seasoned firewood for over 20 years.

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